Piper’s Lost Woods

Piper’s Lost Woods is a middle grade fantasy adventure novel, currently in search of representation and publication.

The story follows Piper, a young girl, as she journeys into a magical and dark forest where time moves in unexpected ways. It’s a story of self discovery, where she learns through many difficult experiences that she is not powerless in life.


“Time flows differently in different parts of the woods. There are places that, observed from here, would be moving at a snail’s pace, and there are places that, observed from here, would be flying by faster than you can imagine. Of course, you’d never know it if you found yourself in such a place. For us, our perception of time never changes. It is only when you move from one flow to another that you would notice that you’ve only been gone a moment, or that you’ve been gone a hundred years.”

Chapter 3

As Danbi went to knock on the door, Piper noticed something floating in the water nearby. She walked back just far enough to see what it was, then straightened up immediately and went right back to Danbi and stood close behind her. The object in the water had been a perfectly folded paper ear, seemingly undamaged by the water. It was easy to make out now that she was looking for it, practically shining in the water. In fact, as she looked over the shoreline, she noticed little white shapes floating all around the perimeter of the island. She clutched Danbi’s dress and started to speak just as she knocked on the door.

Chapter 8

Icy winds ebbed and flowed. The world was beginning to turn gray as dusk approached. Snow had covered the paths, blanketing everything in a monotonous white sameness.

Though her feet were numb and her hands ached with cold, Piper could do nothing but continue following the woman ahead of her, just as she had been doing for so long already. In her chest, she felt a hollow cavity like a gaping wound, carved out by betrayal and mistrust. Tears had frozen to her eyelashes, but her sadness had already melted away. A flame was kindling deep within her.

Chapter 11

Untitled Project

Two orphan children in a seaside town find their way in the world against a backdrop of the scars of colonization. Separately, and together, they discover a new science and an old magic.